➕ IaC: Pulumi support

Pulumi is an open-source platform for infrastructure as code (IAC) that allows developers to use familiar programming languages and concepts to define and manage their cloud infrastructure. Like Terraform, Pulumi allows users to provision and manage cloud resources using code rather than a web console or command-line tools. Pulumi is similar to Terraform but it uses programming languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Go. This allows developers to use their existing skills and tools and to take advantage of existing libraries and frameworks. The future integration of Brainboard with Pulumi and its current support for Terraform will allow users to use Pulumi as another alternative to provision and manage their cloud infrastructure using a visual interface. This can help users who are more familiar with programming languages to use Pulumi to define their infrastructure and manage it with Brainboard. The integration will also provide access to Pulumi's advanced features such as cross-resource dependencies, and support for different cloud providers. This will give users more flexibility in choosing the best tool for their specific use case and improve the overall experience.

Chafik posted over 1 year ago



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