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Here are the features / integrations we ship, regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
Improved 🧼
8 days ago

🔐 Manage auth with Keycloak

You have the ability to use Keyclock as authentification system
New ❇️ Improved 🧼
8 days ago

♦️ idcard - Multiple time the same block

  • You have the ability to add blocks easily
  • You have the ability to use multiple time the same block 
  • You have the ability to upload files in the idcard
  • ALL lifecycle are supported

Improved 🧼
19 days ago

📥 Import templates

✅ Import templates that you or your team have created into the same design and combine them to create complex architectures and use-cases 😱 The Terraform code is instantly & automatically created.

👉 In this video:
clone-in-arch.mp4 29.19 MB

- I was creating an #AWS bastion
- Then I added a serverless stack to it
- I also added a layer of a landing zone
All in the same design...and I can keep building it this way.

😍 Turn your complex workloads into a collaborative diagram + code where anyone in your team can understand it & work on it without pain.

👉 The future is already here:
Improved 🧼
19 days ago

Weekly W29 🔥

Here is the summary of what we released:
  • Split nodes into different files
  • Import tfstate now is automatic and part of importing files
  • Remove credentials in the module source URL -> security improvement
  • Clone templates in the same architecture
  • Fix graphical bugs to make the user experience enjoyable
  • Allow emoji / any char in names (architecture, env, team, ...)
New ❇️
23 days ago

✅ Split your cloud architecture into multiple Terraform files

  • Select group when selecting file
  • Select the right file when opening the IDcard
  • Group name validation improved

🏌🏻‍♂️ Connected people show many times

When the same person connects from different tabs, Brainboard showed many times its Avatar in the top bar.
Now, the connected users shows up only once.

➕ Invite users during onboarding

You can now invite your colleagues during onboarding.


SSO Single Sign-On is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent, software systems. True single sign-on allows the user to log in once and access Brainboard services without re-entering authentication factors.

Improved 🧼
about 1 month ago

⏳ Improve Bitbucket support

We added git integration (Push to GIT) but now we also need to support Bitbucket in:
  • Import module
  • Import from GitHub/GitLab/…
  • Everywhere else we support GitHub/AzureDevops

🚀 Do not commit/push .terraform/ folder during PR/MR

Too many files are pushed in the MR, even the .terraform/ folder with inside terraform.tfstates.
Now, it does not commit/push this folder: .terraform/ 

☁️ GCP tags broken

GCP Google Cloud Provider tags are badly handled.
Now, no more. 

␡ Deleting an item in map deletes all items

When users add key-value items into a map-like tag, then remove only one item.
Now, it removes the items.
New ❇️ UX/UI 🎨
about 2 months ago

🤩 Feedback in-app

Rate your experience with Brainboard, in-app. 

🔥 Fix Terraform version change in deployment

When I change the version of Terraform into a newer one, the backend prompts me to migrate the state. The version of Terraform is not updated in the frontend. 
To do my actions: plan, apply & destroy

␡ Can’t delete a local

I’m able to delete a variable with a scope local
  1. Open Input
  2. Add a Local
  3. Try to delete it
Improved 🧼
about 2 months ago

🎸 Improve Bitbucket support

We added git integration (Push to GIT) but now we also need to support Bitbucket in:
  • import module
  • import from GitHub/GitLab/…
  • Everywhere else we support GitHub/AzureDevops
Improved 🧼
about 2 months ago

🗂 Predictable TF code

When pushing the code into Git, users expect and will have a predictable Terraform file.
Adding a creation order allows having this predictability as the new resources will be always at the end of the file.
It’s confusing now with the code and design in the same tab to not understand where are the new resources added.
Improved 🧼
about 2 months ago

🛟 Auto save idcard

We noticed that users often forget to click on apply so they lose their changes.

Making editing the ID card saves the configuration automatically without clicking on the apply button. 
We also give the possibility to cancel/roll back the changes if the user wants it.

🐞 AWS Gov regions alias

In the file, AWS GOV regions were not included.
Now, the GOV regions are listed with their own alias. 

Examples include: 
  • us-gov-east-1
  • us-gov-west-1

🐞 Auto-generate the Terraform code

The code was not generated for a new architecture. Now, that's fixed 😆
Improved 🧼
about 2 months ago

⛪️ Block non-desktop devices

You won't have access to the sign-up page and the app for non-desktop users.
You will be able to provide your email to be reminded. 

Improved 🧼
about 2 months ago

👔 Add custom module icon

You can now specify your module icon for the leftbar

♻️ Frontend reload system

You'll always have the newest app version.

🐞 ResourceName in the module’s code

When you edit the resource name of a module, it’s added in the code (cloudConfig)
  1. Add a module
  2. Edit the ResourceName
  3. The change is applied and the new ResourceName just appeared in the code
Improved 🧼
2 months ago

🚚 Add Locals

  • The locals part is added at the end of the variables table 
  • Only name, scope, value, and description are used and visible 
  • The description should be a comment before the local in the generated Terraform file
Integrations ✚
3 months ago

✚ Git integration: Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a Git-based source code repository hosting service owned by Atlassian. 
We've made it possible to integrate Bitbucket into your workflow.

Improved 🧼
3 months ago

🔄 Synch Architectures

You can replicate with an automatic sync the same diagram in different environments.

This is useful in cases where you want to have the same architecture diagram on multiple environments: dev, staging, and production... and any graphical change you make to either environment will be automatically replicated into the other ones.

To do it, click on the switch of syncing architectures in the cloning wizard as follows

Improved 🧼
3 months ago

🗃 Import modules from files

Allow users to add modules via files upload

1️⃣  Click “+” to add #Terraform modules
2️⃣  Choose “From files” under the source
⚠️ One or multiple modules are supported
3️⃣ Add a custom icon

Improved 🧼
3 months ago

🙌 Team Management

  • Ask a mandatory team to invite member
  • The default team is Admin on the default project
  • UX improved for project create/update 
Improved 🧼 Cloud provider ☁️
3 months ago

🌐 Remote backend per architecture

Allow the user to change the remote backend setting at the architecture level.
ℹ️ For users/clients that want to manage multiple clients over multiple clouds and use a dedicated remote backend per client.

Remote Backend.png 205.83 KB
Improved 🧼 UX/UI 🎨
3 months ago

✌️ New Sign up / Sign in

Improved 🧼 UX/UI 🎨
3 months ago

🌸 Architecture selector

Manage your projects, environments, and architectures in a whole new way!
Brainboard - The architecture selector .mp4 9.64 MB

🌸 Architecture selector
Improved 🧼
3 months ago

New pricing 💰

Optimized to manage your Multi-Cloud Architectures, Terraform Environments & Teams as never before!
How to Set-up your payment in Brainboard?

Brainboard Pricing
New ❇️ UX/UI 🎨
3 months ago

🔥 Module redesigned.

📌 Terraform modules as building blocks 🏛

🔥 Cloud architects, network architect & DevOps people build cloud infrastructures in a way that allow others to reuse their work with the minimum interaction possible → and if they use Terraform, they do it through modules.

✅ In (YC W22), we allow you now to scale this workflow:
- Import any module by just providing its source path

- You build your internal module's catalog 💪 you build your self-serve modules

- Combine modules to build cloud infrastructures that are aligned with your workflows 🔥

- Customize the icon of every module you import to make understandable diagrams 😍

🎉 Encourage your colleagues to use your work 👉 here you go

Import your Terraform Modules in Brainboard

Improved 🧼 Cloud provider ☁️
4 months ago

👁 Set Terraform provider’s setting

Allow you to add custom CP settings

Example of setting you can add in this block: 
Customize Terraform CP provider.mp4 3.36 MB

This feature is mainly for users that won’t deploy within Brainboard but already have their git and some TF provider settings.

Custom Terraform provider
New ❇️ UX/UI 🎨
4 months ago

🌓 Smoother transition between IaC and Diagram

Design is central to building scalable infrastructures. Now, design and code views are combined for a seamless experience.

Now, you have 4 ways to work on your architecture: 
  1. Design
  2. Design / Code vertical 
  3. Design / Code horizontal 
  4. Code  
4 months ago

👋 Re-trigger the onboarding process

4 months ago

✚👥 Invite your colleague and collaborate

Adding your colleagues is a click a way!
Add a colleague
New ❇️ Product Launches 🚀
4 months ago

📥 Terraform Reverse is open for early access!

Terraform Reverse was our #1 feature request of all time, and we’re excited to officially announce that it is open for early access!

It means that you’re now able to convert your AWS and Azure resources into actionable Diagram and Terraform code, both auto-generated ✌️ 
For you, it means: 
  • It takes less than 30 minutes to migrate 2500 resources instead of 6 months. 
  • Saving you tens of $ per resource migrated, which represents thousands at scale.
  • Allowing you up to 100x faster time to IaC / automation.

Your time is a valuable asset. Don't do in months what you can do in hours.

Request your access to Terraform Reverse →

Terraform Reverse
Improved 🧼 UX/UI 🎨
4 months ago

🗯 Resource tab

Improved 🧼
5 months ago

☁️ Latest CP versions

NB. For both AWS and Azure it’s a major version release so please check the upgrade guide!

Improved 🧼 UX/UI 🎨
5 months ago

🦮 Guided Tour

We updated your onboarding process to include more explanation materials at first login, accessible anytime, directly from your interface. We’ve also launched a brand-new tutorial gallery so that anyone can learn how to build their cloud architecture, more efficiently.

Enjoy 🤩

Fixed 🐞
5 months ago

⬇ Export your diagram into svg, png or pdf

I know some of you missed the Screenshot feature.
It's now back!
Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 10.51.18.png 115.92 KB

You can export your architecture as an image (svg, png or pdf).
5 months ago

🖱 Scroll & Zoom!

Your experience on Brainboard just got smoother! 

- scroll: go up or down
- SHIFT + scroll: go right or left
- CTRL/CMD + scroll: zoom in or out

#Figma #Miro 
5 months ago

🎚 Variables & Outputs reimagined

New ❇️
5 months ago

📃 Readme

Improved 🧼
5 months ago

🤑 Pricing: starter with 14d trial on signup

Introduction of a 14-day Pro trial for all new sign-up users! 
Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 12.54.28.png 177.41 KB
New ❇️
5 months ago

🔐 SOC2

Information security is a reason of concern for all of us, and has been in our DNA and a top priority from day one.
With that in mind, we’re on our way to getting our SOC Certification 🔒
We strive to make our platform seamless and secure for all of our users and partners.
We’ve been working with Vanta to help achieve our #SOC2 certification.
We use Vanta’s automation platform to continuously monitor different security aspects across the organization, be it internal security controls, employee training, secure development, etc. against the recommended standards.
New ❇️
5 months ago

🚀 Azure DevOps (both git integration and remote state)

Do you want to use Azure DevOps as your Git repository? 
Since this week, you can with Brainboard! 
5 months ago

📑 Templates catalog

Improved 🧼 UX/UI 🎨
6 months ago

✚ Start in 4 ways with Brainboard

🔥 VSCode in

🚀📌 We are in a mission to make Brainboard bidirectional: diagram ↔ code. 
✅ The first step done today: we added VSCode in read-only mode where you can visualize the generated Terraform code. 
🏃‍♂️ The next step: you can edit your code in Brainboard and it draws the diagram for you 
😱 Don't miss it, get your hands on it now 
Improved 🧼 Product Launches 🚀
7 months ago

Import Terraform V02

Last month, we released ‘Import Terraform to visually manage your cloud’

Since then, we've been collecting YOUR feedback and improvements are on the GO 🚀 
New versions shipping every day (Jeremy Albinet 👏) 

Quick overview: 
✅ Private Repositories (Only GitHub) 
✅  Supports count, timeouts, depends_on (add connector with the dedicated 
✅  Supports terraform functions (like format, substr, ...), string interpolation (like “aaa$[var.test]”) 
✅  Some resource attributes not parsed 
✅  Create module idcard on the fly 
✅  Import code with module fails: bad source, no version 
✅  Git root/base repo URL doesn't work 
✅  Support EOF in resource attribute

import your tf code .gif 1.69 MB
New ❇️
7 months ago

🧩 Custom resource

Users can write down Terraform code inside a specific resource that doesn’t exist, and Brainboard maintains it through all the interactions.

New ❇️
7 months ago

⚡️Data sources

As per Terraform definition: Data sources allow Terraform to use information defined outside of Terraform, defined by another separate Terraform configuration, or modified by functions. 

They are heavily used in architecture to reference and/or get information about a resource already deployed. Data resources could be 
  • A common resource shared between multiple architecture
  • For security reason (read-only access)
  • Managed by another team

⚠️ Note that each provider may offer data sources alongside its set of resource types.

New ❇️
8 months ago

Import from Terraform files 🔥🚀

Turn your Terraform code into an actionable Diagram in seconds! 🎉

This feature is brand-new to the Brainboard app, enabling everyone to upload the Terraform .tf code and auto-generate a diagram. It eases migration into Brainboard.

Please note, this feature is new and will definitely be improved 🙂

Please don't hesitate to share your feedback, and we'll make sure to take it into consideration for further updates 😉

More information →

ezgif-2-de5f939926.gif 568.91 KB
New ❇️
8 months ago

Terraform Modules

We've seen some of you needing to use Modules in your diagrams. With this feature, you are able to reuse any modules you find online / you create yourselves as a brick of reused codes directly from the Design brick of Brainboard. We made it easy to import, drag & drop and configure your modules directly on your dashboard. Let us know what you think 😇

import-module-demo.mp4 11.02 MB

Integrations ✚
9 months ago

GitHub Integration 🚀

We already had GitLab on our pool of integrated tools, and it's finally time to release GitHub! 
With this new native integration, you can push your code (which is automatically generated by Brainboard once you design your infrastructure) to your trusted repository, GitHub or GitLab. 
Brainboard continues to integrate your infrastructure with today’s workforce, without jumping your whole team into Gits. 

Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 11.08.24.png 92.51 KB
Improved 🧼
9 months ago

Variables & outputs 🔥

It's now possible to flag variables as secrets and that is also reflected on the generated Terraform code. Also, you can define outputs in Brainboard, use them and/or push the files into your Git repo.
Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 13.05.48.png 6.42 KB
Improved 🧼
9 months ago

Multi-credentials 👥

Last week, you discovered our new pricing plan, based on the number of users. You are not limited to the numbers of Infrastructures you or your team will create. Now, you'll be able to add multiple credentials for every cloud provider, especially matching: Cloud Provider = Credentials <> Project.

Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 11.08.16.png 65.87 KB
Improved 🧼
10 months ago

Multiple versions of cloud ☁️ providers providers

As you all know, Cloud Providers update their resources very regularly. Now, we are thrilled to announce that, starting today, you'll be able to use the newest version or/and switch from older to newest.
Improved 🧼
about 1 year ago

Clone architecture between environments ✚

With Brainboard, you can clone architecture between environments, within your organization. 
Improved 🧼
about 1 year ago

Add native versioning (like git) ✚

A native format, in the context of software applications, refers to the file format which the application is designed to work with. 
Improved 🧼
about 1 year ago

Add Terraform remote backend on S3 🧑🏻‍💻

The remote backend stores Terraform state and may be used to run operations in the Terraform Cloud.
Improved 🧼
about 1 year ago

Add contact support 🦸

Directly onto the Brainboard platform, you can now chat with our support team. 
The chat support is also available on the website and the documentation.
Improved 🧼
about 1 year ago

Add billing 🧾

In your management platform, you can add your billing info and upgrade to any plan, in just a click.
Improved 🧼
about 1 year ago

Restore any point in time version 🕰

With Brainboard, you can restore your infrastructure in any time version. 
Cloud provider ☁️
over 1 year ago

Add Azure ☁️

Brainboard now supports Microsoft Azure!
Start creating your infrastructure with Azure now and deploy in an hour.
Cloud provider ☁️
over 1 year ago

Add GCP ☁️

Brainboard now supports Google Cloud Provider!
Start creating your infrastructure with GCP now and deploy in an hour.

Export architectures to SVG 📷

Brainboard allow users to export their architectures in SVG files
Improved 🧼
over 1 year ago

Multi-user edition 👥

Brainboard is provided in both single- and multi-user versions.
Improved 🧼
over 1 year ago

RBAC System 🔒

Organize and manage your infrastructures into projects and environments within your organization.
Use some predefined RBAC roles to restrict accesses.
Improved 🧼
over 1 year ago

Sync architectures 💠

The synchronization process compares your local Designer workspace, the remote Decision Center database, and a reference that computes the state of the synchronization. This reference state is created as a connection entry in your workspace when you connect to Decision Center.

Marketplace 🛒

Browse through the Templates. You'll find pre-built Cloud Infrastructures, made by real Cloud Architects and Engineers 😀.