➕ ☁️ Terraform Provider: Alibaba Cloud

Terraform Provider for Alibaba Cloud is a plugin for the Terraform infrastructure as code tool that enables users to manage and provision resources on Alibaba Cloud using Terraform. It allows users to create, update, and delete resources such as virtual machines, databases, and load balancers, as well as manage and organize their Alibaba Cloud infrastructure through Terraform's simple and powerful syntax. Alibaba Cloud may be considered better than other cloud providers for a few reasons: Cost-effective: Alibaba Cloud is known for its cost-effective pricing, which can be beneficial for organizations that are looking to minimize their cloud expenses. Local presence in Asia: Alibaba Cloud has a strong presence in Asia, which can be beneficial for organizations that operate in the region. This can help organizations to reduce latency and improve performance when accessing their resources. Wide range of services: Alibaba Cloud offers a wide range of services, from compute and storage to databases and analytics, which can help organizations to find all the services they need in one place. Additionally, Terraform Provider for Alibaba Cloud allows users to manage their infrastructure in a consistent and automated way, which can help to improve collaboration, reduce errors and overall increase the velocity of their development.

Stephane Boghossian posted over 2 years ago