➕ ☁️ Terraform Provider: Hetzner cloud

Terraform Provider: Hetzner Cloud is a plugin for the Terraform infrastructure as code tool that allows users to manage and provision resources on the Hetzner Cloud platform. It allows users to create, modify, and delete resources such as servers, networks, and storage volumes using Terraform's simple, declarative configuration language. Top 4 features of Hetzner Cloud versus other cloud providers are: Price: Hetzner Cloud is generally considered to be more cost-effective than other cloud providers. Location: Hetzner Cloud has data centers located in Europe, making it a good option for users with data sovereignty requirements. Hardware: Hetzner Cloud offers dedicated servers with a wide range of performance options, allowing users to choose the level of resources they need. API: Hetzner Cloud has a comprehensive API that allows users to automate many tasks, such as creating and managing servers.

Ignasi Piñeiro posted almost 2 years ago



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