➕☁️ Terraform Provider: IBM Cloud

Terraform Provider: IBM Cloud is a plugin for the Terraform infrastructure as code tool that allows users to manage their infrastructure on IBM Cloud, which is a collection of cloud computing services from IBM. The provider provides a set of Terraform resources that map to IBM Cloud services and objects, such as compute instances, networks, and storage volumes. With the IBM Cloud provider, users can write Terraform configurations that define their infrastructure and then use Terraform to create, update, and delete those resources on IBM Cloud. The future integration of Brainboard with Terraform Provider: IBM Cloud, in addition to its current support for AWS, GCP, OCI, and Azure, will allow users to use Terraform to provision and manage their IBM Cloud infrastructure using a visual interface. This can help users who are more familiar with IBM Cloud to use Terraform to define their infrastructure and manage it with Brainboard. The integration will also provide access to IBM Cloud's advanced features such as virtual servers, storage, and databases. This will give users more flexibility in choosing the best tool for their specific use case and improve the overall experience.

Stephane Boghossian posted 11 months ago