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Fixed 🐞
10 days ago

🐞 W38 Updates

Fixed: The location/Region field does not reflect the real value
Fixed: Keep variables locals’ value during clone
Fixed: The reminder form seems broken
Fixed: Custom code field unusable
Fixed: Architecture clone must keep the locals too
Fixed: The deletion of modules from the catalog doesn’t always work

🐞 W34 Updates

The following bugs were fixed: 
  • Fixed: When I delete my current architecture, the interface freezes / infinite loop with error in console
  • Fixed: When I add an Azure virtual network for e.g. and I remove a chip from tags, the interface resets, the code generated is completely broken and I have no way to open the resource again to fix it.
  • Fixed: We can’t change the selected TF file to another one (other group tf file, variables, outputs, …)
  • Fixed: When a user configure a block (set) then deletes all the value the block is generated empty. 
  • Fixed: Subnet IDs double added
  • Fixed: Automatically generate the connectors between resources when I reference an existing resource.
  • Fixed: when I connect, it shows the owner as an extra user
  • Fixed: With some attribute type like SelectList (array), changes do not trigger the TF code refresh
  • Fixed: Sign up page on Safari browser 
  • Fixed: In the README modal, the save button doesn’t work at all, so if I write content it is automatically saved and there is no need for this button.
Fixed 🐞
3 months ago

🏌🏻‍♂️ Connected people show many times

When the same person connects from different tabs, Brainboard showed many times its Avatar in the top bar.
Now, the connected users shows up only once.
Fixed 🐞
3 months ago

➕ Invite users during onboarding

You can now invite your colleagues during onboarding.
Fixed 🐞
3 months ago

🚀 Do not commit/push .terraform/ folder during PR/MR

Too many files are pushed in the MR, even the .terraform/ folder with inside terraform.tfstates.
Now, it does not commit/push this folder: .terraform/ 
Fixed 🐞
3 months ago

☁️ GCP tags broken

GCP Google Cloud Provider tags are badly handled.
Now, no more. 
Fixed 🐞
3 months ago

␡ Deleting an item in map deletes all items

When users add key-value items into a map-like tag, then remove only one item.
Now, it removes the items.
Fixed 🐞
3 months ago

🔥 Fix Terraform version change in deployment

When I change the version of Terraform into a newer one, the backend prompts me to migrate the state. The version of Terraform is not updated in the frontend. 
To do my actions: plan, apply & destroy
Fixed 🐞
3 months ago

␡ Can’t delete a local

I’m able to delete a variable with a scope local
  1. Open Input
  2. Add a Local
  3. Try to delete it
Fixed 🐞
4 months ago

🐞 AWS Gov regions alias

In the file, AWS GOV regions were not included.
Now, the GOV regions are listed with their own alias. 

Examples include: 
  • us-gov-east-1
  • us-gov-west-1
Fixed 🐞
4 months ago

🐞 Auto-generate the Terraform code

The code was not generated for a new architecture. Now, that's fixed 😆
Fixed 🐞
4 months ago

♻️ Frontend reload system

You'll always have the newest app version.
Fixed 🐞
4 months ago

🐞 ResourceName in the module’s code

When you edit the resource name of a module, it’s added in the code (cloudConfig)
  1. Add a module
  2. Edit the ResourceName
  3. The change is applied and the new ResourceName just appeared in the code
Fixed 🐞
7 months ago

⬇ Export your diagram into svg, png or pdf

I know some of you missed the Screenshot feature.
It's now back!
Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 10.51.18.png 115.92 KB

You can export your architecture as an image (svg, png or pdf).