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New ❇️ Product Launches 🚀
about 1 month ago

👥 Multiple git credentials

At Brainboard, we've worked hard to take your experience with the Cloud to the next level, especially while managing Git credentials in teams.

We've enabled you to:
  • As an individual contributor, you can add personal git tokens for any supported git provider - Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Bitbucket - and specify the scope of the creds and have visibility on where they are used.
  • As the owner of the organization, you can add Github app integration and users perform git actions based on their authorization on Github.
What do you need to do:
  • The Git credentials of your organizations are assigned to the owner of the organization. So you need to add your personal token in order to do pull requests. 
  • If you use GitHub, there is nothing to do. Your pull requests work as before. 
  • Pull requests: Choose the git provider to use from the supported ones - Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Bitbucket, GitHub, and add the description, project, folder, and base branch within the service.
  • Modules: You can choose which git credentials you want to use to import your private modules and use them.
  • Generate your diagram from the terraform code: Choose the git credentials you want to use and import your existing terraform code.
Both categories, git apps and personal tokens, are available on the 'Account' configurations, here:
This new set-up capability enables the seamless performance of tasks without switching between accounts and re-authenticating accesses, and so work independently and well.

New ❇️ Product Launches 🚀
6 months ago

📥 Terraform Reverse is open for early access!

Terraform Reverse was our #1 feature request of all time, and we’re excited to officially announce that it is open for early access!

It means that you’re now able to convert your AWS and Azure resources into actionable Diagram and Terraform code, both auto-generated ✌️ 
For you, it means: 
  • It takes less than 30 minutes to migrate 2500 resources instead of 6 months. 
  • Saving you tens of $ per resource migrated, which represents thousands at scale.
  • Allowing you up to 100x faster time to IaC / automation.

Your time is a valuable asset. Don't do in months what you can do in hours.

Request your access to Terraform Reverse →

Terraform Reverse
Improved 🧼 Product Launches 🚀
8 months ago

Import Terraform V02

Last month, we released ‘Import Terraform to visually manage your cloud’

Since then, we've been collecting YOUR feedback and improvements are on the GO 🚀 
New versions shipping every day (Jeremy Albinet 👏) 

Quick overview: 
✅ Private Repositories (Only GitHub) 
✅  Supports count, timeouts, depends_on (add connector with the dedicated 
✅  Supports terraform functions (like format, substr, ...), string interpolation (like “aaa$[var.test]”) 
✅  Some resource attributes not parsed 
✅  Create module idcard on the fly 
✅  Import code with module fails: bad source, no version 
✅  Git root/base repo URL doesn't work 
✅  Support EOF in resource attribute

import your tf code .gif 1.69 MB