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Improved UX/UI
15 days ago

✌️ New Sign up / Sign in

Improved UX/UI
24 days ago

🌸 Architecture selector

Manage your projects, environments, and architectures in a whole new way!
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🌸 Architecture selector
24 days ago

🔥 Module redesigned.

📌 Terraform modules as building blocks 🏛

🔥 Cloud architects, network architect & DevOps people build cloud infrastructures in a way that allow others to reuse their work with the minimum interaction possible → and if they use Terraform, they do it through modules.

✅ In (YC W22), we allow you now to scale this workflow:
- Import any module by just providing its source path

- You build your internal module's catalog 💪 you build your self-serve modules

- Combine modules to build cloud infrastructures that are aligned with your workflows 🔥

- Customize the icon of every module you import to make understandable diagrams 😍

🎉 Encourage your colleagues to use your work 👉 here you go

Import your Terraform Modules in Brainboard

🌓 Smoother transition between IaC and Diagram

Design is central to building scalable infrastructures. Now, design and code views are combined for a seamless experience.

Now, you have 4 ways to work on your architecture: 
  1. Design
  2. Design / Code vertical 
  3. Design / Code horizontal 
  4. Code  

👋 Re-trigger the onboarding process

✚👥 Invite your colleague and collaborate

Adding your colleagues is a click a way!
Add a colleague
Improved UX/UI
about 2 months ago

🗯 Resource tab

Improved UX/UI
2 months ago

🦮 Guided Tour

We updated your onboarding process to include more explanation materials at first login, accessible anytime, directly from your interface. We’ve also launched a brand-new tutorial gallery so that anyone can learn how to build their cloud architecture, more efficiently.

Enjoy 🤩

🖱 Scroll & Zoom!

Your experience on Brainboard just got smoother! 

- scroll: go up or down
- SHIFT + scroll: go right or left
- CTRL/CMD + scroll: zoom in or out

#Figma #Miro 

🎚 Variables & Outputs reimagined

📑 Templates catalog

Improved UX/UI
3 months ago

✚ Start in 4 ways with Brainboard