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2 months ago

Brainboard set for Enterprise Workload

Our goal is to make Brainboard the ideal solution for Enterprise workload and we are implementing more integrations and workflows in this direction.

Fine-grained RBAC at the design level

You can now proactively control the cloud resources that are available to your users by enabling / disabling what they can see and use from the leftbar.

Brainboard Enterprise.png 1.27 MB

Main use-cases:
  • β†’You want to restrict access to a certain types of resources, like networking and security, and make sure that users only see and use the resources they need. No more.
  • β†’You want your teams to only use Terraform modules and none of the vanilla resources as part of your standardization plan.

Brainboard API

To extend the use of Brainboard and integrate more with Enterprise workloads, we made our API available. This helps you orchestrate workflows and executions from an outside source, like ServiceNow or Jira.

πŸ’‘ Usage example: Give your internal users a portal where they can just fill few information, and you use the API of Brainboard to clone their use-case from the template catalog into a specific project and environment, populate the variables and trigger the CI/CD pipelines for deployment.

Private self-hosted runner

You can now host Brainboard private runner within your infrastructure to make sure the execution happens in your environment and your sensitive information and secrets stay within your boundaries.

Service catalog β€” producer consumer

This feature allows you to capture all the infrastructure patterns to create an internal service catalog. This helps teams to not reinvent the wheel and consume cloud architectures that have been approved from security and cost perspective while allowing them to work autonomously.

Private registry support

This is our greatest, last but not least, integration. You can bring your private Terraform registry into Brainboard, it is now natively supported.

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To make it even easier and most importantly convenient for your usage, you have different level of token to connect your registry. You can either use a personal token or group / organization one, so your users don’t worry about the integration and just use the approved modules you make available for them.