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over 1 year ago

🔥 Id card is constantly improving

The ID card in Brainboard is a feature that enables users to easily configure cloud resources by dragging and dropping them onto the design canvas. These resources are not just visual representations but are actual, actionable resources that can be configured and deployed to the cloud. One step forward in breaking down the barriers between low-code and code-based approaches to cloud infrastructure management.

With the ID card, Brainboard is pushing the boundaries of visualizing cloud infrastructure to help you understand the bigger picture of your projects, environments, cloud architecture, and workflows. This makes it easier for users to manage your cloud resources and have a clear infrastructure overview. This can also help users to identify patterns, dependencies, and potential issues, making it easier to optimize your infrastructure.

Here at Brainboard, we constantly spot errors and improvements and focus on tackling them first. 
  • One of the improvements is that it eliminates missing fields when configuring specific cloud resources. You no longer have to worry about missing important information when setting up your cloud infrastructure. 
  • The ID card allows for multi-block everywhere, allowing for better customization options. This can be achieved by using hardcode, a powerful tool for making changes to the infrastructure. 

Overall, these improvements make it easier for you to configure and manage your cloud resources with Brainboard.