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Improved Product Launches
4 months ago

Import Terraform V02

Last month, we released ‘Import Terraform to visually manage your cloud’

Since then, we've been collecting YOUR feedback and improvements are on the GO 🚀 
New versions shipping every day (Jeremy Albinet 👏) 

Quick overview: 
✅ Private Repositories (Only GitHub) 
✅  Supports count, timeouts, depends_on (add connector with the dedicated connector.link.type) 
✅  Supports terraform functions (like format, substr, ...), string interpolation (like “aaa$[var.test]”) 
✅  Some resource attributes not parsed 
✅  Create module idcard on the fly 
✅  Import code with module fails: bad source, no version 
✅  Git root/base repo URL doesn't work 
✅  Support EOF in resource attribute

import your tf code .gif 1.69 MB