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11 months ago

☁️ Integration with Azure DevOps Terraform Provider

Brainboard now seamlessly integrates with the Azure DevOps Terraform Provider, enabling users to manage their Azure DevOps resources using Terraform through Brainboard’s intuitive design interface.

Click on the top left-corner to switch to it 😇
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  • Brainboard supports AWS, Azure, GCP & OCI.
  • For unsupported TF provider, a workaround exist to use custom resources.
  • Direct integration with the TF provider azure_devops. Users can now design, configure, and manage Azure DevOps resources right within Brainboard.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for adding and configuring Azure DevOps resources such as repositories, pipelines, and service connections, directly within your infrastructure designs.
  • Automatic generation of Terraform configurations (.tf files) for Azure DevOps resources, managed alongside your other infrastructure code, all within Brainboard.
  • Visual mapping between Azure DevOps resources and other infrastructure components, enabling clearer and more efficient orchestration of multi-service environments.