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🔐 Security
6 months ago

🔐 Manage auth with Keycloak*

*Keycloak is an open-source identity and access management solution. It is designed to provide a centralized location for managing user authentication and authorization. Keycloak provides features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), user management, and access control for applications and services.
The feature being mentioned in the statement is the integration of Keycloak with Brainboard, a cloud management solution. With this integration, users of Brainboard have the ability to use Keycloak as the authentication system for their Brainboard account. This allows users to use their Keycloak credentials to log in to Brainboard, rather than having to create and manage separate login information.

By using Keycloak as the authentication system, Brainboard users can take advantage of Keycloak's advanced security features and user management capabilities. This can improve the security of the Brainboard platform and make it easier for users to manage access to their cloud resources.

In summary, the integration of Keycloak with Brainboard allows users to use Keycloak as the authentication system for their Brainboard account, which improves security and user management capabilities.