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🔐 Security
5 months ago

🔓 Enhanced Cloud Providers Connections

Dive into a modern and user-friendly design that simplifies your cloud connection process.

Cloud Providers connections settings


  • Assume role: The most commonly used method to connect a third party to your AWS account is now available in Brainboard. This is the most secure way to allow Brainboard to perform actions on your behalf within your account.
  • Access & secret keys: You can still use IAM user with access / secret keys.


  • Certificate: Introducing a more secure way to authenticate with Azure using certificates. You don’t need to share your Azure AD app secret anymore.
  • Client Secret: You can still use Azure AD app client secret.
Stay ahead with Brainboard's commitment to providing a safer and more efficient cloud connection experience!
🔐 Security
5 months ago

⏎ Advanced RBAC

At Brainboard, we like to rework existing features while improving them at the same time.

1. New User Interface (UI)
  • Experience a sleek and intuitive design that enhances user interaction and efficiency when giving permissions, managing roles & inviting new members to collaborate.
2. Enhanced Role Management
  • Streamlined process to manage roles and their associated permissions.
  • Directly link permissions to your specific environment, architectures, and workflows for a tailored experience.
3. Granular Permission Control
  • Dive deeper into permission settings with the ability to narrow down permissions at various levels: 
    • Organization Level: Control and delegate access across your entire organization.
    • Architecture Level: Define permissions specific to different architectures within your setup.
    • Project Level: Ensure the right people have the right access for individual projects.
Stay tuned for more updates and improvements!
🔐 Security
8 months ago

🚓 2 Factor Authentication

We are thrilled to announce a new security feature! To further protect your account and data, Brainboard now allows you to enable or disable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) at your discretion.

2FA adds an extra layer of security to your account, ensuring that you're the only person who can access it, even if someone knows your password. It's a simple, effective way to prevent unauthorized access.

We strongly recommend enabling 2FA to keep your Brainboard account as secure as possible. After all, your peace of mind is our priority!

Stay safe and keep building amazing things with Brainboard! 🚀
🔐 Security
11 months ago

⮐ ⮑ Drift Detection + new CI/CD engine

We're excited to announce that the CI/CD Engine has been improved with new features to improve infrastructure management for our users.

One of the most exciting new features is the drift detection capability, which allows engineers to stay on top of their infrastructure by notifying responsible parties in case of drift, scheduling workflows for better optimized timing, and maintaining order while another workflow is active.
Drift Detection output with a change detected

Other new features include:

  • Multiple workflows: With Brainboard's CI/CD Engine redesign, you can now create multiple workflows, providing greater flexibility and customization options for designing and implementing projects.
  • CI/CD workflow templates: With Brainboard's CI/CD Engine, you can create workflow templates that you and your team can reuse to streamline your workflow and optimize your infrastructure management.
  • Scheduled workflows: Brainboard's CI/CD Engine allows you to schedule workflows to be launched at any desired time. This ensures that workflows are being executed at the best optimized timing for your infrastructure management needs.
  • Notifying on pipeline failure: Notifying someone when drift is detected on cloud infrastructure can help prevent issues such as security vulnerabilities, compliance violations, and performance problems. By detecting drift early and addressing it promptly, IT teams can investigate and remediate any issues before they cause substantial damage, ensuring that the infrastructure remains secure, reliable, and operating as expected.
These features provide greater flexibility and customization options for engineers when designing and implementing projects.

We understand the importance of ensuring infrastructure security and reliability, and these new features were designed with that in mind. We hope that our users will find them useful in streamlining their workflow and optimizing their infrastructure management.

Resources on Drift Detection: 

To learn more about the CI/CD Engine redesign and its new features, please visit our website, sign up for free or contact our support team.
🔐 Security
11 months ago

🌱 CI/CD Engine upgrade!

We've made some performance enhancements to the:
Visual CICD Engine

  • Multi-Workflow Capability: You can now create and manage multiple workflows for your CI/CD pipeline, making it easier to organize and streamline your development process.
  • Drift Detection: Our new drift detection feature helps you identify and resolve configuration differences between your development, staging, and production environments.
  • Notification Sending: You can configure notifications to be sent to relevant stakeholders, keeping everyone informed about the status of builds, deployments, and releases — including when pipelines fail.
  • Approval Tasks: We’ve introduced approval tasks to enable more granular control over the deployment process. This feature lets you define a set of approvers who need to sign off on each deployment before it can proceed.
  • Scheduled Deployment: You can now schedule deployments for a specific time and date, allowing you to plan ahead and ensure that new releases are rolled out at a time that suits your team and your customers.
  • Design to Code to Deploy
🔐 Security
11 months ago

🔱 Variables and locals with the same name were conflicting.

Now, enjoy the Brainboard override system (Organization → Project → Environment → Architectures).

🔐 Security
about 1 year ago

🕵🏿 Private git modules support in deployments

We now support a private git repository to import any existing Terraform modules. 

🔐 Security
over 1 year ago

🔐 Manage auth with Keycloak*

*Keycloak is an open-source identity and access management solution. It is designed to provide a centralized location for managing user authentication and authorization. Keycloak provides features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), user management, and access control for applications and services.
The feature being mentioned in the statement is the integration of Keycloak with Brainboard, a cloud management solution. With this integration, users of Brainboard have the ability to use Keycloak as the authentication system for their Brainboard account. This allows users to use their Keycloak credentials to log in to Brainboard, rather than having to create and manage separate login information.

By using Keycloak as the authentication system, Brainboard users can take advantage of Keycloak's advanced security features and user management capabilities. This can improve the security of the Brainboard platform and make it easier for users to manage access to their cloud resources.

In summary, the integration of Keycloak with Brainboard allows users to use Keycloak as the authentication system for their Brainboard account, which improves security and user management capabilities.